Collection: Pensativo Hotel House

Pensativo House Hotel was originally the home of an ex president of the Republic of Guatemala and among its many charms has a consecrated chapel, dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary that he had built to please his wife, who was a devotee of the Virgin. The pile in the center of the main patio and the thick pillars that surround it, evoke the colonial constructions that resisted the earthquakes of the period. Over the years, many of its historical jewels have been lost, such as the desk with serial number, carved exclusively for the President of the Republic, the dining table for 24 people made of a single piece of wood and the majestic crystal chandelier, which was a gift from a German Prime Minister. It still preserves a wide collection of art, among which are paintings by Marco Augusto Quiroa, José Colaj, Oswaldo Cercado and sculptures by Guatemalan Luis Carlos and Rodolfo Galeotti Torres.