Registration Information

The Guatemala Family Office Forum is an exclusive invitation only event that brings together leading family members, and family offices from around the globe for closed door private discussions.

All registrations are subject to approval and availability. You are not registered for the Forum until you receive an email from the 1640 Society confirming your registration.
Limited number of hedge fund registrations and very limited number of service provider registrations.
No refunds once registration is confirmed.  You may substitute another member of the firm in your place if needed.  You will receive a confirmation email from the 1640 Society when registration is accepted.  Full refunds will be provided if registration is not approved. 

All conference participants are asked to adhere to a “no-fundraising and no-solicitation of business” ethic throughout the conference.  Commercial uses of lists of participants are prohibited.  We ask all attendees to please report any individual who is soliciting them for business so that we can take necessary action which could include removing them from current and future events. The 1640 Society seeks to create a unique Forum for like-minded families to have private and "off-the-record" discussions.  Individual presentations, comments and discussions should not be referenced in the press (including online blogs and social networking sites) without notifying the 1640 Society and gaining all Parties prior approval.  Recording sessions is prohibited, and only the 1640 Society photography is allowed during sessions.  Any photographing of participants is permissible only for personal use.