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A luxurious boutique hotel and world class restaurant in the heart of Antigua Guatemala. Mesón Panza Verde Hotel is a Guatemalan icon that offers you a yoga studio, art gallery, swimming pool, live music, exquisite food and fabulously decorated rooms all together in a truly unique and romantic place.

Meson Panza Verde was established in 1986 as the first Luxury Boutique Hotel and Restaurant (European style) in Antigua. Ideally located at the quiet end of famous Fifth Avenue. It is a pleasant five minute walk from Antigua's main Plaza and Cathedral down cobble stone streets past wonderful ruins and delightful shops. People often ask about our name. Panza Verde (green belly) is what generations of Antigüeños have called themselves. No one is quite certain of the true story, but it is said the people who remained here after the Capital was moved to Guatemala City were so poor they had to subsist on avocados. Being a Panza Verde is mentioned with great pride. 

Mesón Panza Verde is well known for its fine cuisine and romantic ambiance. Dine in our elegant Main Living Room that's decorated with vaulted ceilings, amid fine wines and original paintings. Its reputation for serving "International Cuisine with a Twist" has made it a favorite among Guatemalans and international travelers alike. Live music, events, weddings and much more, all in one place!

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